Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Time!

At the end of August we had the opportunity to spend a week and a half with my family in Colorado. It was such a relaxing time after working our tails off in Nashville :)


We went to Lake Isabel with my parents. It was soooo beautiful 

We then went to Bishops Castle. INCREDIBLE! There's this guy that has devoted his life on the construction of this castle for the past 43 years. There are roughly 200 stairs for each tower, a moat in progress, and two levels completed. It's free to the public and some people have even gotten married in here. He accepts donations to further his work. It's not completed yet but he has worked EVERYDAY for the past 43 years, even if its just loading rocks. Goes to show that no dream is to big. Very inspiring. He hopes to have a wall surrounding the land and castle.  He has a hunched back and his hands are swollen and worn. But it shows in his work.

 Six Flags Elitch Gardens was a blast! We had been craving roller coaster rides for over a year, so this was a nice fix :)
The Mind Eraser. I honestly felt like I was going to  fall out of my seat! Our feet were dangling and the restraints felt as if they weren't securely locked.

The Boomerang. Forward one way, backwards the other :)

I hated this ride but kyle LOVED it. It's called the half pipe. The skateboard rode the half pipe while the seats spun round and round. I felt like I was going to fall out!! I kept my eyes shut and kept praying that I don't die. HAHA. 

The tower of terror. No one has time to scream. 

This is the best ride cause you get SOAKED!
whether you're on the ride or not, you will be wet.

First boise game of the season
and they WON! 

It was hard leaving my family, especially my two nieces. I can't wait to be with them all again for Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Festivities!!!

You know when you little and you can’t go to sleep because of the excitement that is your birthday the next day? And you try and try but to no avail because all you can think about is how great your birthday is going to be? Yeah, well that happened to me. I haven’t felt that excited about my birthday since I was probably……13. I forgot how much I love that feeling!! I felt like a kid all over agin. On August 3rd I couldn’t go to sleep because the butterflies were dancing in my stomach and I was giddy with excitement! It was two ‘clock by the time I was in bed, but just that, in bed, NOT asleep. I kept grinning and talking to Kyle. I would roll around the bed, wrapping myself in the blankets like a little 6 year old girl just giggling at the thought of what would happen that day and remaining week. I would roll so much that I almost rolled Kyle off the bed! Thankfully, my husband is patient and found laughter in my silly ways. Finally, by quarter to three I was sound asleep. I woke up at 9:30 only to find our bedroom TP’ed and ribbon hanging off the door, as to make a curtain. It’s a Bastian tradition founded by my mother-in-law. The toilet paper lead to the presents on the couch. I got ready and at 12 went and got a full body Swedish massage. For 60 min I was in Heaven. I had never got a professional massage so it was an AMAZING experience. I didn’t want it to end. If you’ve never gotten one, I highly suggest you get one. I was beyond relaxed. We then went to Red Robin for lunch and got a free ice cream sundae! YUM. When I went to work my boss wished me a happy birthday and gave me a red velvet cheesecake and $50 to the Cheesecake factory. I was shocked and filled with much gratitude! It made me sappy and I almost cried. Haha. Pathetic, I know :) 

Friday, my birthday adventures continued with shopping with the birthday money my parents and kyles parents gave me. THANK YOU! On Saturday, we had the pleasure of experiencing Keith Urban in concert. The concert was so legit! He brought three ladies on stage with him and had a picture taken. Later, he randomly selected three people from the audience to come on stage and SING WITH HIM! How awesome of an experience would that be!!!!! Finally, towards the end of the concert he gave away one of his guitars. During the beginning of his performance, this brave girl ran up the platform on stage and started dancing on/with him while he played his guitar and sang. Needless to say, she was quickly escorted off stage by security. We assumed she was either drunk or just crazy. haha.  His concert was so fun and he played great music. He was very much involved with his fans. He's a funny guy, too.

Despite the fact I spent my birthday away from family and friends, I felt so much love that suddenly the many miles didn’t seem so far away. I was so spoiled for my birthday and it felt weird, haha. To say the least, my birthday was incredible! Definitely one to remember. Thank you to all my friends and family who made it extra special! 

This is our room when I woke up. 

This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Kyle gave me this. My mother in law gave me blow-pops, tangled and money. My parents gave me money. And the best present of all was given to me by my niece and nephew: a homemade picture frame made of popsicle stick crafts, birthday cards and paper airplanes :)

This was after my 1 hour massage. I couldn't stop smiling :) It was another great gift given by my baby boy. I now no longer suffer from headaches and backaches! WOOT! The only light was given by candles. SOOO relaxing. 

   When I left the massage room I found this in the relaxing room. YUM! The spoon was adorable, haha.

                   At the Keith Urban concert. This was after the opening performer, Jake Owens.

       MR. KEITH URBAN!!!!!!

He went to the middle of the floor and sang on a platform that lifted him up. On his way down the aisle he was mauled by fans who tried anything possible to get his sweat on them. They were hanging off the railings and stretching forth. They would run their hands through his hair, touch his face and his chest. 

 During one of his final songs, he played his guitar that changed colors! Notice how its red and then blue.

For more picture of the concert visit my facebook page.

Monday, August 1, 2011


50 years ago today, my mother was born. My mother is the most beautiful person I know. Charity is the word that describes her. Sacrifice is her lifestyle. She buoys herself with honesty towards all man. She thinks of others before herself and loves all. She works hard to achieve her goals and dreams and never quits. She is persistent. She is gentle. She is kind. She is confident. She is strong. She fights all her battles and never gives up. Her faith is like a rock. She relies on the Lord for guidance and seeks the scriptures and words of the prophets often to continue to guide her children and her life. She puts her talents the Lord blessed her with to use and is self sufficient, thus doubling her talents. Above all, she is considerate of everybody. She's the kind of mother that her children look up to. She is patient as she teaches her children and is understanding to their needs. She loves her family with all her heart. She honors her husband and the priesthood that he holds. She pushes people when she needs too, but at the same time, lets them grow on their on. She is helpful. She is welcoming. She is loving. She has a strong testimony of her Savior, of the Gospel, of the Book of Mormon. She lives in a way that the spirit is constant in her home. She puts her family first. She teaches her children about Christ and talks freely and respectfully of him. She bears testimony of his divinity. She is an excellent example. She is my mother for all eternity and I love her with all of my heart. I am so blessed to have her. She has done so much for me and been there through the thick and thin. I want so much to be just like her. Te amo Mami!!!