Saturday, June 18, 2011

In the Land of Spuds

 It's been quite a while since I last blogged. Life has been pretty hectic. I have much to catch up to! Kyle and I were given a week off  work at the end of May to go to Twin Falls, Idaho for the homecoming of his brother, Dallin. It was such a nice break from work. The plane ride was long...very long, but very worth it. We went from 90+ degrees and 90-100% humidity to a whopping 47 degrees and 0 humidity. It felt sooo good to not be sticky and sweaty. I was really nervous on meeting Dallin because I had never met him before. I felt like I did back when I first met his family in Sept of '09. It was a really strange feeling. When we met at the airport it was weird for a good two-seconds and then it felt as if we had already known each other :) That was really relieving. Dallin gave his talk on Sunday and it was an inspiring and excellent talk. I still have parts of it in my mind, that's how good it was. On Wednesday we went to Yellowstone and stayed in a cabin that we rented. It was June, it was 35 degrees and there was SNOW FROM LAST WINTER! Hello again, weather from the West. We had a blast going to the national park and spending time together as a whole family.

Shoshone Falls was beautiful. It was my first time seeing it and I was amazed. The river was so full! The wind was blowing so the mist was everywhere.

Welcome to our 70's Kitchen. Loved it! You can't see it, but there is patterned carpet the color of the cabinets with some yellow on it :)

The snow that won't go away.  We had a snowball fight on June 2. Weird.

Oh, why hello there buffalo. These guys don't care if there are cars on the road. They do what they please and roam when they please. 

That is one scary lookin' beast with a rather large head!

Since the buffalo took their precious time crossing the street and people decided to stare and hold up traffic even more, we took the opportunity to take a family sibling picture :)

There was a boardwalk that was in the middle of this hotspot and another one and it gave off A LOT of steam. The steam was thick and it was covering the walkway with some help from the wind. When I walked through it, it smelt of rotten eggs but I felt like I was walking out of a sweet movie scene! 

This was my first time ever seeing old faithful. She took forever. Everyone in the audience was waiting with their cameras ready to take pictures and record. I think she knew this because she would deceive her audience by shooting out some water making EVERYBODY, myself included, come to full attention, point their cameras, and snap. It was a lie. Finally after 30 min of cruelty, cold wind, and waiting, she finally exploded.


Yellowstone is so beautiful :)

Yes, that is snow in June. And yes, the lake is still frozen.

The week was such a blast, tt was hard leaving Idaho and our family.. While we were driving back to Twin Falls we drove through Rexburg to show Dallin the campus. While we were there Kyle and I looked at each other and were both thinking the same thing. We didn't want to leave Rexburg and go back to Nashville. We can't wait to go back there in the fall. Only 11 more weeks!