Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bounces & Kicks

      I'm 23 weeks now and his kicks are increasing. He's now a foot long and weighs 1 pound :) He can hear my heartbeat, our voices, and any other sounds. I feel kinda silly sometimes talking to my son cause I feel like I'm talking to myself, haha. His movements are causing my belly to bounce and move when he kicks me (but only sometimes) and I love it!!! Sometimes I'll just sit down and poke him to get him to move around. Yesterday at my internship I had placed a binder on my belly as I was typing on the computer when suddenly the binder bounced up right as he kicked. It wasn't a huge bounce but I could see it from the corner of my eye :) I'm so grateful for our healthy, bouncy, baby boy. We've started to buy a few clothing articles for him and looking at cribs and baby stuff!!!! We are soo excited :) Kyle likes to lay down next to me on when I'm sitting on the couch and talk to him. It makes me smile greatly. He's going to be such an excellent father, I just know it. Oh and one other thing, my belly button is soon to pop completely out, haha. Right now it's a little more than halfway out. 

Since he'll be born in the fall we hope to buy something like this for him to take for his newborn pictures :)