Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roll Over

Caleb rolled over for the first time (jan 17)!!! Yay milestones :) He had a hoot rolling back and forth. Seeing him roll around was so amusing and a proud moment as a parent. For a while he kept twisting his body and then one day it just happened.

A few days before he...


Happy four months!!

Now that he rolls he gets himself wrapped in his jungle gym, haha

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas time

The little buddys first Christmas was spent in Colorado with my family. It was also his first plane ride. We were a little nervous on how he would handle it. He handled it so good with no cries and all smiles.  He really is such a good little boy. So happy, patient, and loving. He turned 3 months on Christmas Eve :) What a special day.

This is what happens to his hair when he's in his carseat for too long. 


opening presents

Merry Christmas :)

We went to Kyles family reunion on our way home and got a 4 generation picture.