Friday, March 29, 2013


We've been so blessed to have this little guy for 6 months. How quick they've gone by and before I know it, he'll be 1!! HOLY COW. He just a joy and a delight. So kind, loving, patient, smiley, and tender. He hardly cries and he's always happy. He loves music and watching mommy cook. Playing with dad is his favorite. He makes him laugh so much :) He got his FIRST TOOTH! This little bug is just so loved by everyone. Our neighbor took his six month pictures and they turned out sooo good :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Eye surgery

Little Bugs had eye surgery on his left eye. In January I noticed a mass on the white of his eye on day when I was playing with him. Thankfully his checkup was the following week. His pediatrician didn't know what it was and seemed concerned like I was. He phoned Dr. Fullmer, the ophthalmologist,  and set an appointment for us for the end of January. While at the appointment, Dr. Fullmer assumes its a cyst but wants to check up on it in a month to see if it's grown. We come back at the end of Feburary for his check-up and the mass on his eye GREW! At this point, Dr. Fullmer has ruled out the mass as being a cyst (because cysts aren't supposed to grow). We set up an appointment at the hospital for the 1 of March so the growth can be removed and examined. At 6 am on March 1st, we check in and get him ready for his surgery. The day before, Kyle gave him a blessing. HIs surgery didn't really hit me until we were in the hospital. I started to get nervous and started worrying. It was so crazy waiting for our little 5 month baby boy to get out of surgery. The surgery didn't take long and the doctors and nurses told us he did the best they have ever seen a baby do. He was all smiles when they took him to the back and was cooing up until he was put under with gas. Once that happened, he had an IV in his tiny little vein :( It was heartbreaking hearing it and then seeing him coming out of surgery and the drugs. He was so sad and helpless and in pain. They had to give him a baby amount of morphine because of his pain :(  Our ward was so helpful by providing dinner for us over the weekend.The bugs was out the rest of the day with few wake ups to eat for only a little bit. He recovered really well and really fast. He had to wear an eye patch to prevent himself from rubbing his eye because of his stitches.