Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Fish #2

It was Sunday, May 1, 2010 when my phone started ringing at 6:45(central time) in the morning. I stirred at first, thinking it was a dream. When reality set in I saw, through my blurry sleepy eyes, that my parents were calling. I was about to let it go to voicemail when I thought to myself, "It must be an emergency if they are calling me so early in the morning." With a sleepy voice I answered the phone. This is what I heard on the other line, " CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE AN AUNT FOR THE FOURTH TIME." Immediately, my sleepiness went away and I squealed. My sister had just had her baby 20 minutes ago. I was beyond excited!!!!!!!! My mom told me as much as she could as the nurse was assisting my sister, but before I knew it I was talking to Yvette. She was telling me that in the middle of the night she started experiencing stomach aches. She believed it was from the dinner they ate at the restaurant earlier that night. As her pains continued and got worse she knew something was wrong. She and Janson arrived at the hospital at 5 a.m (mountain time) to find out what was causing the pain. To her and Janson's surprise, she was 9 cm dilated! Immediately, she was taken into a room where the nurse broke her water and my sister started pushing. After 20 agonizing minutes of natural labor, baby Fish #2 was born. To my dismay, EVERYONE forgot their cameras! The only image I have of my new niece is the mental image of her descriptions. She is small and has a round little face. Her skin tone is of a dark complexion, but not as dark as my sister and me. She has a good amount of dark hair on her head, so she's not a bald baby. She has a good mixture of both her mother and her father. I can't wait to see what she really looks like!!! When I asked her what her name was, it was still undecided. Later on that afternoon, my sister sent me a text. She and Janson had decided on the name of Jenna. So welcome to the world Jenna Fish. You have been born into an amazing family, immediate and extended, that will love and care about you your whole life. You are going to be well taken care of! I already love you and I haven't even met you yet. Lots of love to you from your aunt Sari and uncle Kyle :) Can't wait to meet you in August!

I finally got some picture of Jenna :)

Jenna Fish :)
She is so beautiful!

Big Sister, Carlie! She is soo excited. My sister was
telling me that Carlie would go up to Jenna,
give her kisses on her head, caress her face and say,
" baby sister Jenna, I love her."

Proud father of two beautiful daughters!!

Jenna Fish. Born May 1, 2011

Carlie Fish. Born April 29, 2009

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