Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One is enough

ast night Kyle and I got home around 10 pm after a long day at work. Tired and sleepy, we sat on our couch to figure out what we wanted to eat that night. After 5 min or so, we decided on lemon pepper chicken and spaghetti. As I was walking over to the kitchen I was telling Kyle about my day when suddenly I froze in the middle of my sentence. My body turned stiff and my jaw dropped. My eyes bugged out, my heart rate increased and I could hear my heart thumping. There was a lump in my throat. I managed to frantically spit out, "Kyle, spider."  Now if you know me, I freak out over the tiniest spider so naturally Kyle didn't jump up from off the couch and rescue me. Instead he continued to check his email. The spider quickly crawled up the wall and my legs turned to noodles. Then," Kyle, HUGE spider!!!! It's moving!!!!" This caught his attention. He comes into the dining room and sees me pointing to where it is.  It had the longest leg span I had ever seen for a spider. In my head I'm thinking, "This is no no daddy long legs." Kyle gets closer to get a better look and this is what I hear, "It's a brown recluse." Next thing I know I'm on the couch with my legs up as I'm hugging them. I swear, I think I darted faster than ever. I don't even remember running to the couch. It's like I leaped there from the dining room.  I start telling Kyle to kill it but he tells me he wants to capture it in a tupperware and inspect it instead. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! THIS THING CAN EAT YOU, LITERALLY!!!!!  Kyle begins to figure out the most tactful way to approach this flesh-eating spider and capture it. I continue to sit on the couch in my fetal position and I tell him, "It's gonna bite you cause you're aggravating it. We don't have money to go to the ER." Finally after 10 minutes, Kyle claims defeat, grabs a knife, and stabs it. Which then I guess the spider claimed defeat...anyways, I called the office right after and left a message saying that I would like the pest control guy to come out in the morning and spray our apartment. As you know, when there's one brown recluse, there are more. Well, at least thats what Kyle says. Maybe he's trying to scare me. I wouldn't be surprised. Either way, I called for the bug guy. One is enough for me. 

On a more pleasant note, I talked to my mom and she shared with me a cute story about my niece. Carlie was having a tantrum and was crying and screaming. My sister kept telling her to calm down and stop. Exasperated, my sister sent her to her room. There, Carlie was able to recollect her thoughts and calm down. After about 5 min, Carlie came out and said to my sister,"Mom. Carlie. Crying. Room." My sister replied, "Yes, Carlie." Shortly after, her little baby sister started crying. Now Jenna is only 3 weeks old, but to Carlie that makes no difference. She says, "Jenna. Room!" hahahahahaha. It made my day hearing this story :) It was so cool to see that she understood her mothers reasoning as to why she was sent to her room and funny to see her do the same thing to her baby sister. 

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