Monday, August 1, 2011


50 years ago today, my mother was born. My mother is the most beautiful person I know. Charity is the word that describes her. Sacrifice is her lifestyle. She buoys herself with honesty towards all man. She thinks of others before herself and loves all. She works hard to achieve her goals and dreams and never quits. She is persistent. She is gentle. She is kind. She is confident. She is strong. She fights all her battles and never gives up. Her faith is like a rock. She relies on the Lord for guidance and seeks the scriptures and words of the prophets often to continue to guide her children and her life. She puts her talents the Lord blessed her with to use and is self sufficient, thus doubling her talents. Above all, she is considerate of everybody. She's the kind of mother that her children look up to. She is patient as she teaches her children and is understanding to their needs. She loves her family with all her heart. She honors her husband and the priesthood that he holds. She pushes people when she needs too, but at the same time, lets them grow on their on. She is helpful. She is welcoming. She is loving. She has a strong testimony of her Savior, of the Gospel, of the Book of Mormon. She lives in a way that the spirit is constant in her home. She puts her family first. She teaches her children about Christ and talks freely and respectfully of him. She bears testimony of his divinity. She is an excellent example. She is my mother for all eternity and I love her with all of my heart. I am so blessed to have her. She has done so much for me and been there through the thick and thin. I want so much to be just like her. Te amo Mami!!!



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