Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Time!

At the end of August we had the opportunity to spend a week and a half with my family in Colorado. It was such a relaxing time after working our tails off in Nashville :)


We went to Lake Isabel with my parents. It was soooo beautiful 

We then went to Bishops Castle. INCREDIBLE! There's this guy that has devoted his life on the construction of this castle for the past 43 years. There are roughly 200 stairs for each tower, a moat in progress, and two levels completed. It's free to the public and some people have even gotten married in here. He accepts donations to further his work. It's not completed yet but he has worked EVERYDAY for the past 43 years, even if its just loading rocks. Goes to show that no dream is to big. Very inspiring. He hopes to have a wall surrounding the land and castle.  He has a hunched back and his hands are swollen and worn. But it shows in his work.

 Six Flags Elitch Gardens was a blast! We had been craving roller coaster rides for over a year, so this was a nice fix :)
The Mind Eraser. I honestly felt like I was going to  fall out of my seat! Our feet were dangling and the restraints felt as if they weren't securely locked.

The Boomerang. Forward one way, backwards the other :)

I hated this ride but kyle LOVED it. It's called the half pipe. The skateboard rode the half pipe while the seats spun round and round. I felt like I was going to fall out!! I kept my eyes shut and kept praying that I don't die. HAHA. 

The tower of terror. No one has time to scream. 

This is the best ride cause you get SOAKED!
whether you're on the ride or not, you will be wet.

First boise game of the season
and they WON! 

It was hard leaving my family, especially my two nieces. I can't wait to be with them all again for Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. Carlie looks so happy and proud! and Jenna looks as though she had just been caught red-handed! I can't wait until we can all get together again!