Saturday, January 28, 2012

And Then There Were Three


We have been anticipating this moment for many months!! There was much anxiety when we were waiting for the results early in the morning. It felt like the longest 3 minutes ever. I was so nervous because I didn't want to see another one line on the stick.  When I walked into the bathroom I slowly removed the toilet paper I placed on top to uncover the results (cause I felt the need to add more to our anticipation). My eyes were shut and I slowly peeked one open while uncovering, took a deep breath, and screamed for joy. I ran out to tell Kyle who was anxiously waiting on the couch. My performance told him right away what the results were. He jumped off the couch and we ran to each other, hugging, and jumping up and down while we screamed like a bunch of teenage girls (except his voice wasn't high, it was manly). It was the best feeling in the world!!! We couldn't believe it. It was such a surreal experience. We kept having to look at the two lines to remind us of the reality. Our smiles were from ear to ear and the biggest its ever been. We stared at the stick soaking everything in: that there was life being created inside of me, that we were going the become "mom" and "dad" in 9 short months, and that our lives would forever change for the better. Who knew those two little lines could evoke so much excitement and love within us for our child to be. Being a mom is all I've ever wanted to be. I can't wait to hold my children, teach them, protect them, raise them, and form relationships with them along side my husband. What an honored and blessed calling :) We are soo thrilled!!!! We have our first doctors appointment on the 28th of Feb. It's going to be great :)

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