Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Vacation

Christmas was spent with my hubbys family in Twin Falls, Idaho! I have been so excited to spend Christmas with them because my mother in law gets soo excited. She is been described as getting more excited then her children and acting like a little girl. She still leaves cookies out for Santa, which says a lot. It was so fun being a part of the celebration! On Christmas Eve she closes the living room doors and puts a sign that says do not enter. In the morning we all line up at the top of the stairs in order of age and go down one by one. This year, we all got surprised with tickets to CALIFORNIA!! As we opened the yellow envelope we all screamed and wooped. As if we weren't excited enough, it got even better, we also got tickets to sea world and disneyland!!!

The view from our hotel room. It was in the 70's :)

 Disneyland was PACKED! It was insane how many people there were. They had to stop letting people in at one point. According to the news, Disneyland can hold up to 80,000 people before they have to stop letting them in. Thankfully, we arrived at 7:30 every morning and we had a system so we didn't have to wait for very long and we were able to ride a lot and enjoy our time :) Hooray for mathematical geniuses who love stats! 

Main street had a christmas fireworks show and at the end the castle lit up and "snow" started to fall. It really was the definition of magical. I couldn't stop smiling and giggling. It seemed for a moment that all troubles froze and nothing mattered than being there. We had a three day park hopper and by the end, we were parked out. 

We also made our way to Sea World.

and saw the Shamu show!! Thankfully we did not get splashed.

Shamu waves to you!

It was such a fun adventure. New Years eve was spent in the hot tub, napping, and eating...very exciting, haha. I think the only person wide awake and excited was my mother in law, I don't know how she did it. We then spent time with aunt lisa and her family, Where it was 80 degrees in the winter..how wonderful. We all got sick, were sleep deprived, but made so many great memories. What fun times! Thanks mom and dad for the vacation :)

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  1. looks like it was a lot of fun! jealous!!!!! :0)