Friday, May 11, 2012

Gender Time

It's been a while since my last post. But not to worry, nothing too exciting has occurred. The exciting thing now is we found out the gender of our baby...


What a neat experience this ultrasound was. For 20 minutes we got to see our bouncy baby boy and find out that all is well and healthy with him. What a blessing! We saw how his organs are developing, got to hear his heartbeat, and see him move around more. Everytime I laughed he bounced up and down, haha. The sad part is we didn't really get to see his face expect for once.  He kept hiding it against my uterus. He wasn't shy, though, in announcing his gender that's for sure. We found that out right away, and I was right :) This whole time I've had a feeling baby charlie (that's what we call him cause it's a unisex name) was a boy. Kyle didn't really have a feeling for either one. My mom even knew it was a boy from the first time she saw my belly in April. We are thrilled to have a son. I think more so Kyle cause he'll have someone to teach and play football with :) October 2 couldn't come fast enough!!

This is me at 19 weeks when we went in for the ultrasound

And this is Baby Charlie :) Seeing his profile face gets me so very excited to know what he looks like and to hold him. It makes everything so very real that it blows my mind. Look at his little nose and lips. AH, I can't wait :) 

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