Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Halfway There

      I've hit the 20 week mark...WOOT! That means only 20 more weeks until Baby Charlie arrives!!! :D Thankfully it's been an easy pregnancy. My nausea didn't last long (even though at the time it felt  unbearable, forever, and that it would never end), I haven't had unbearable aches or pains, I've had energy, and I've been abel to sleep wonderfully (with only a few occasional bad nights). I'm starting to feel our son move and feel his kicks :) What a neat experience.  It no longer feels like flutters and tickles, it's more of a pounding feeling now. It makes me sad, though, that Kyle can't feel his kicks yet when he puts his hand on my belly :( I've noticed our baby likes to move quite a bit shortly after I've eaten a meal and sometimes a snack.  I love being pregnant!

This is me at 20 weeks

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