Friday, June 14, 2013

Happiness is being married to your best friend

Three years have flown by and they have been the best three years of my life. Kyle and I have known each other for four years and been married for three. Our life has been full of adventure and happiness. We've lived in three different states and six different apartments. We've outlived 5 tornado warnings, driven across the country, graduated college, and had our first child. My love for this man grows stronger and deeper day by day. He is gentle, kind, loving, and attentive. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh. We like to be silly and ridiculous behind closed doors. He helps me feel better when I'm down and helps me solve my problems. He holds me when I feel like I'm about to burst. He's helped me to grow in the development of my talents and has helped me gain the confidence I need to fly. He believes in me when I don't. He is my everything.  He is an example of patience and forgiveness. He makes me strive to be a better person. Being with him just makes my life so much better. I look forward to growing old together and in raising our family. He is an excellent father to our son and a wonderful husband to me. He provides and protects just like a man should. He is smart, educated, understanding, and works hard each day to be better than before. I love him to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever. Getting sealed to him was the best decision of my life. Every time I think back to that day in June I can't help but smile. I get filled with joy and I start to tear up. June 10, 2010 was by far THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

President Hinckley said it best:

To celebrate our three years, Dallin was so kind as to give up a saturday afternoon of wake boarding with his friends to not only babysit Caleb, but to also spend the night with him.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It was our first night away from Caleb and it was hard for me. I couldn't help but think about him and wonder how he's doing. It must be a mother thing because Kyle was not affected in the same way, haha. After his work we went and got a couples massage and ate at Shogun Japanese Restaurant. Tasty! But I ate SO MUCH I nearly puked. I wasn't aware of how fast I was eating, thus not allowing me to be aware that I was already full. Oh well. It was cool because the chef cooks right in front of you and does all these tricks. After wards we took a walk to settle our food a bit and got some ice cream (as if there was any more room in my belly).

We got to spend the night in a suite that had a jacuzzi in it!!
The jacuzzi is in the bottom right hand corner. 

So of course I wanted to take a bubble bath. The only problem was I've never taken one (shocking, I know) so I didn't know the correct amount of bubbles to pour into the water. I read the directions and it said, "use a generous amount," so I did. Next thing I knew there were more bubbles than water and kyle looks at me and says, "how much did you pour in!!" Needless to say my measurement of a "generous amount" was far too much. They really should put an actual measurement so catastrophes can be avoid.

Well, we had to clean up all the bubbles. To which I learned something else, bubbles stick to you! Getting the bubbles to go away was near impossible but fun :) We drained the tub to see if the bubbles would go too, nope. So then we ran the water to see if it would make the bubbles disappear. It did a little bit but it was taking so long. After 20 minutes of trying to figure it out (and having a small bubble fight and playing with the bubbles)  I grabbed a trash can and started SCOOPING the bubbles and transferring them to the bathtub where the water was running. Needless to say there were bubbles EVERYWHERE! After about 40 min we finally got rid of all the bubbles, even the ones in the bathtub. It sure was fun!

At about 12:30 am we decided to make a run to waffle house. We figured we never get to have these late night runs anymore so we might as well. And it's something we used to do quite a bit before caleb was born. What a blast we had celebrating our wedding anniversary! 

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