Thursday, June 6, 2013

Splash Splash!

Today was Caleb's very firsts time in the pool. We have been so excited to take him! We would I have taken him sooner but our apartment complex decided to take their sweet time in getting the pool ready. We moved on the first of may and they said it would be ready in a few weeks, LIES! So each day that empty pool taunted us, we'll mostly me, and each day I wondered " maybe today is the day." Finally, it's June and the pool is officially open. Sadly the water was cold so when Caleb went in it literally took his breathe away. It was so cute. We didn't stay long because soon his little lower lip started to quiver because he was so cold. But the time we were there was fun and exciting.

A video from this first time dippin' his toes :) 
It's hard to hear but he starts gasping for air because it's so cold. 

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