Monday, September 26, 2011


For Kyles birthday we went to see his family in Twin Falls, Idaho. For his birthday present we all went to the Boise State game! He was so very excited!! The night before, mama b, kelsey and myself made boise shirts. It was sooo much fun!! On game day we all went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill (if you haven't gone there, go and order white fish in mango sauce) for lunch. The game was pretty fun and the atmosphere was nuts! Jordan won two upgraded tickets, kyle won a shirt, dallin was on tv and bosie state won. I would say it was a pretty eventful time :) Oh, side story. I sat in front of this really large man and every time he moved his belly rubbed against the back of my head. I felt a little like the guy off of Due Date hahaha ( if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. Also, watch it with clear play). It was really awkward, funny and disgusting at the same time :)  enjoy the pictures!

Tucanos. YUM

Jordan won the tickets! He took Derek with him.

Our awesome homemade shirts!

The team coming out

How cool does that look!


( Oh, the guy behind me is the one whose belly kept rubbing on me)

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